Fun fact: There are a ton of free travel classes online!

Maybe you want to travel smarter using clever tactics.

Or possibly you dream of exploring the world luxuriously on a budget using miles and points,

Want to start a travel blog that allows you to make money by creating content while you’re on the road?


I’ve SO got you covered.


Below, check out some of the best free travel classes available online, no matter what your travel style or trip goals are.


Once you’re done reading, make sure to also check out these 27 Netflix and Chill alternatives for travelers. The list mentions a number of travel courses and fun livestreams to fuel your wanderlust!


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Top Free Travel Classes Online

1) The *New* Strategy For Profitable Blogging Email Course

2) 10 Powerful Ways To Make Money Travel Blogging

3) The Profitable Travel Blog Makeover

4) Instagram Authority

5) Savvy Solo Traveler Email Course

6) Travel Photography Demystified

7) Amplify Your Email List Challenge

8) Travel Miles 101

9) How To Travel Long Term / Full Time

10) Travel Hacking Basics: How To Travel Longer and Better

11) Learn How To Fly Free To Hawaii

12) How To Take Amazing Videos Of Your Adventure

13) How To Plan A Vacation: Save Time And Money

14) What To Expect On Your First Disney Cruise

15) How To Travel Full-Time In A Financially Sustainable Way




Many intrepid travellers have toyed with the idea of documenting their trips on a travel blog.


And for those wanting to take their blogs to the next level — as in, turn them into profitable businesses —this free five-day course by Jessie on a Journey shows you how.


In fact, it takes you from branding your blog for success all the way through list-building and community building to monetization. By the end, you’ll truly know how to map out your blogging goals — and crush them!


After taking this course, you’ll spend less time wondering how to make money while traveling, and more time actually doing it!




While we’re on the topic of blog monetization, I’d love to invite you to my free workshop: 10 Powerful Ways To Make Money Travel Blogging.


During the 60-minute on-demand workshop, you’ll learn:


Myths related to monetizing a blog (that may be holding you back!)

Strategies for creating profitable content (so those blog posts, emails & social shares lead to income!)

Tips for earning recurring passive revenue as a blogger (so your income grows even when you’re away from your laptop!)

How to create products that you know your audience will buy (so you don’t waste your time!)

Advice for growing your affiliate income (with a strategy that truly works!)

And more!


Plus, your free ticket to this actionable workshop also includes a Q&A, limited-time replay, and special bonuses.


how to make money as a travel blogger

Click here to register for the free blogging workshop!



Looking for a crash course on running a blogging business?

If the previous option isn’t enough and you’d prefer something with video lessons, then this four-day online travel blogging course is for you.

Each video is less than 10 minutes, but teaches a vital travel blogging strategy.

A few topics that are covered include how to:


Set up a profitable blogging foundation (including the vital step many bloggers skip!)

Increase your website traffic (no tech required!)

Grow your email list (with targeted subscribers!)

Nurture your subscribers into raving fans (who can’t wait to hear from you!)

Monetize your blog (without being spammy!)

And more!

If you dream of making travel a full-time lifestyle or just want to start your own online business cantered around something you’re passionate about, then you don’t want to miss this free blogging course.



The world is full of beauty to photograph.


One great place to share those photos is on Instagram.


For those that want their pretty trip pictures to go beyond views from family and friends, this free seven-day course by Alex Toby demystifies the challenging arena of growing an Instagram following.


A few tactics you’ll learn include how to craft a follow-worthy bio, create a cohesive profile, and boost engagement through high-quality content and hashtags.


By the way, one you get savvy at Instagram you can use this skill to find easy ways to volunteer from home, as many non-profits and projects are often looking for people who can help them spread their mission online.


If you’ve been thinking about taking your first solo trip but feel a bit apprehensive about this new venture, then this course by Jessie on a Journey is for you.


Learn how to stay safe and other essential information about traveling alone — including how to take the perfect selfie!



Additionally, you’ll learn how to overcome common solo travel fears, choose the perfect solo destination, tell loved ones you’re hitting the road alone, stay safe, and mentally prepare.



Want to learn how to take better travel photos?


Check out Karthika Gupta’s online class — a free five-day video series with plenty of tips to help you improve your photography skills and take envy-inducing photos on your next trip.



Don’t worry if you don’t own a DSLR, as the course breaks down tips even iPhoneographers can appreciate.


Back to those travellers who are also interested in travel blogging, one strategy that will be essential to master is growing your email list.


Luckily, the Amplify Your Email List Challenge can help!


In this free challenge, you’ll learn how to increase your subscribers, nurture your community, and monetize an email list in just five days.

Throughout the challenge there will be a number of bonuses that will help you implement your list-building strategy easier and faster. Make sure to grab those before the challenge ends!

Best of all, each email is concise and clear, teaching a step-by-step tactic in the shortest way possible.

This means, you can spend less time reading emails and more putting learning into practice.

email list-building challenge

Click here to grab your seat in the free list building challenge!

The opening sentence of this free Travel Miles 101 course description is “learn how you can travel the world for pennies.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds perfect to me.

Inside, you’ll learn the art of miles and points hacking, so you can save your cash for memorable on-the-ground experiences instead of hotels and flights.

Traveling for months at a time takes more savvy than knowing how to book a plane ticket; which this HighBrow course delivers.

It’s designed for people who want to travel long term or full time, but do not know where to begin.

It teaches you how to sort out your finances, find free accommodation and earn money while traveling, among other things.

Note: This course is free with a 30-day free trial on HighBrow. You can also create your own email course for HighBrow by clicking here.

travel classes



UDEMY is one of my favorite platforms for online learning, whether travel classes or professional development education.


As the title suggests, this course covers the basics of cheap and safe travel.


Topics include planning your trip, finding cheap flights and accommodation, and avoiding common travel scams.


Oh, and one of my favorite lessons: how and where to find “error” fares.



Have you always wanted to visit Hawaii, but haven’t yet been able to save up enough to afford the trip?


This free travel class by Go To Travel Gal shows you step-by-step how to fly to Hawaii with your friends and family using only miles and points.


Free flights to #Hawaii?! Yes, it’s possible. Just check out resource #11 on the list! #TravelHacking

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Want to learn the secrets to capturing your special moments in amazing videos?


This course by Evergreen Lane Productions walks you through the main elements of shooting beautiful videos during your trips.


The course is perfect for adventurers who want to capture their trip of a lifetime without having to spend a lot of time playing around with their camera.



Consisting of three units, this course by To The Nations Worldwide shows you how to plan an amazing vacation while saving time and money.


Lessons include choosing the right destination, creating an itinerary, and general travel tips and tricks.


Hint: I also offer a free Ultimate Travel Planning Kit on Jessie on a Journey full of handy worksheets and resources for savvier trip planning beyond the guidebook.


travel classes


This nine-day email course by Picture The Magic covers everything about going on a Disney cruise, including dealing with seasickness, avoiding unnecessary costs, tipping, amazing things to do during the day and more.


If you’re feeling a bit anxious about your first Disney cruise, this course will help you dispel any uncertainties and worries you may have.




If you’ve often wondered how some people manage to travel full-time, this course by the Professional Hobo will show you how they do it — and how you can, too.


Packed with information, the course will teach you how to reduce costs on accommodation and transportation, earn money on the road and how to manage your finances, among other things.