This isn’t a ‘wear this, not that’ kind of post – because we believe you should wear whatever you want to! But if you’re feeling stuck in a style rut, have recently put on weight or don’t know how to dress for your body shape then read on for our 27 amazing style tips for plus size women, with advice on how to find plus size clothes that make you look and, most importantly, feel good.

1. Accept Your Body

There’s a reason this tip is no.1.

We’ve all been there trying to lose weight to fit into societal beauty standards, but here’s the thing… every body is different and that’s ok.

Accepting your body shape and being ok with what you’ve got is going to do WONDERS for your confidence and personal style.

Everyone, no matter what size or shape they are, has body hang-ups and it’s ok for you to have bad days – but accepting your body, for all your perceived flaws and all your wonderful assets will allow you to make better style decisions that boost your mood and your confidence.

Start every day with an affirmation “My body is perfect just the way it is”.

2. Embrace your belly/thighs

OK, so you have a big belly, or big thighs… or both.

There’s just more of you to love.

As plus size women, we’re always told to hide our bodies and cover up with shapeless styles. You don’t need to do that. Don’t feel the need to cover up the areas you’re self-conscious of – because you can make yourself look less shapely by wearing baggy clothes and hiding your body.

Instead, work out your body shape and style your figure with clothing that will flatter your shape.

3. Join a Plus Size Community like Insyze

Insyze is a plus size marketplace with a huge community of plus size people that share style ideas and tips.

Our community here is so positive and uplifting, and you don’t just get inspiration from other users – you also get a free personalized style feed of outfit ideas for your size, budget and personal style.

There’s also the community Chat where you can ask for style advice, life advice, discuss fat phobia and so much more! It’s a plus size only forum, so it’s a safe space for you to join and take part without judgement

Get a free profile with Insyze here and join our community!

4. Invest in good underwear

This is a universal style tip. Good underwear and shapewear is an absolute MUST for every plus size woman.

The key pieces you need are:

A supportive bra that is the correct fit
Shapewear that makes you feel supported
TIP: Bras and shapewear are INVESTMENT pieces. So don’t be afraid to splurge on these items. The higher the quality, the better the fit and more confident you’ll feel.

And remember – wear a skin color bra under sheer or light colors to avoid your bra showing through.

Nude bras are available in many different shades to suit your skin tone and blend with your skin under your clothes!

5. Find influencers with your shape for inspiration

There are so many amazing women posting their daily style and outfits on Instagram, blogs, and Youtube. Finding influencers with a similar body shape to you can not only inspire your confidence to try new things but also shows you what’s possible for your shape!

Nothing’s off-limits – but it’s always great to have a muse you can turn to when you’re stuck for style ideas.

Check out the influencers here on Insyze.

6. Don’t just cover up

Wearing baggy t-shirts and leggings are the go-to outfit for many plus size women that lack confidence in their style.

There’s nothing wrong with easy-going clothes like leggings, but you won’t feel stylish or like you’re creatively expressing your personality like this.

You probably won’t go from leggings to body-con in one day, so take it slow and gradually try new styles that aren’t just cover ups for your body. Try a v-neckline top as a way of easing your way into exploring different style shapes.

7. Join a Facebook community

Facebook groups are the perfect way to connect with like-minded people. Our Facebook group Plus Size Outfit Share has a community of people who hype each other up, ask advice and overall just feel good about yourself.

8. Know your fabrics

A polyester tank top that clings to you and causes static shocks will not be as flattering a cotton-elastane mix, which is a stretchy well-fitting material.

Understanding the composition of fabrics will help you choose better fitting clothes when shopping online – and in-store. Our fabric guide has got all the answers.

9. Know your silhouette

There are no set rules when it comes to fashion and style, but the science behind why certain shaped clothes flatter different body silhouettes is great to refer to when in doubt.

For example, empire line dresses look fabulous on pear-shaped ladies with smaller waists and bigger thighs – but empire lines are to be avoided if you’re apple shaped because the fit around the waist can give off maternity vibes. See our body shape guides here.

10. Accessorize strategically

The power of good accessories is not to be sniffed at. Whether that’s a statement belt, necklace or mega earrings – you can jazz up a basic t-shirt and jeans combo with accessories to create a wow factor.

Our favorite tip is to accessorize high street clothing with high-end bags or shoes – they instantly make your whole outfit appear chic and your look goes from $10 to $1million.

11. Embrace Vintage

Vintage clothing is fabulous on so many levels. From the fact that every item is unique, to the eco-friendly recycling aspect -vintage clothing and accessories can instantly add a wow factor to your outfit.

Vintage silhouettes are also very figure-flattering for plus-size women.

12. When in doubt, wear a wrap dress

The humble wrap dress is a style that fits every body shape and is extremely flattering. The same can’t be said for any other style of dress, but if you have a trusty wrap dress in your wardrobe then you’ll never be short of a go-to outfit.

We love this super flattering wrap from ethical plus-size brand Dani Marie The Label

13. Invest in quality basics

Just like quality underwear, some trusty basics will see you through the best and worst of times. Investing in quality basics are great for a minimalist style, or for those times when you just can’t be bothered.

Thick straps on vest tops and non-clinging fabrics will help you to look and feel your best.

14. Try Multiple Sizes

When it comes to dress size, don’t pigeonhole yourself! The size on the label is just a number, it doesn’t mean anything or stand for what you are as a person.

You may find a larger or smaller size than you think you are could be a better fit – so always try multiple sizes when you’re out shopping. Free returns for online shopping make this easy to do at home too.

15. Wear that crop top!

Just because you aren’t a size S doesn’t mean you can’t wear crop tops. Just look at Garner style, Gabi Fresh and Simone Mariposa– all these plus size women wear crop tops and ROCK them. If you want to wear a crop top then do – a bit of skin showing can look super cute. If you’re self-conscious but want to wear a crop top, team it with a cool jacket or cardigan – then you can have a peek of skin showing but still feel covered. Confidence is everything.

Check out the gorgeous range of plus-size crop tops on Insyze including the Altar Houseline Rowan Wrap Knit top as worn by @NataliaCalhoonblog.

16. Tailoring is your friend

Never underestimate the power of good tailoring.

The problem with some plus-size clothes is that they can sometimes be a bit shapeless, but for less than $20 you can have dresses and jackets nipped in all the right places to suit your exact body. The result is beautiful fitting clothes that you can feel happy and confident in.

17. Avoid flimsy fabrics

Knowing your fabrics is important, avoiding the bad ones even more so. Cheap fabrics often fade and are flimsy to wear – it’s also bad for the environment to have too many items considered ‘throwaway fashion’.

18. Embrace prints

Prints are a vibrant way of making a style statement and classics like leopard print and polka dots are always coming back in fashion. Wearing larger patterns and prints is said to be more flattering for plus-size ladies – but we say, wear what you want!

19. Use color to your advantage

The colors you wear can speak your mood! And as style and dressing is all part of self-expression, think about what you’re portraying with your outfit. Now, remember the color wheel from school, with the complementary opposites? These are the color combinations that work best in style too.

20. Know your measurements

Sometimes, online shopping can be stressful when you’re unsure of which size to buy. That’s why knowing your measurements can be very helpful, as it allows you to shop for fit rather than by size and will result in fewer returns and a happier you when your clothes arrive!

21. Get your hair done

Your hair really helps to frame your face and adds an extra statement to your look. If you’re feeling low in confidence or have an event coming up, get a blow wave or style your hair in glamorous curls. Making that extra bit of effort with your hair will lift your mood and as we keep saying, confidence is the best accessory!

22. Say it with shoes

The great thing about shoes is that your feet can never have a ‘bloated day’ – so shoes always look and feel great when you wear them! They’re also a great way of adding some personality and flair to your outfit, without going all out. We love textures such as snake print boots with a plain black dress – instant glam.

23. Make your own rules

When it comes to your personal style, the only rules to follow are the ones that you curate and know work for you. You don’t have to follow trends if you don’t like them. Allow your style to be a reflection of your personality and most importantly, feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing.

24. Pamper yourself

Making sure you treat yourself with love is one of the best ways to practice self-acceptance and confidence. Love your body by pampering yourself often. Whether that’s getting a massage, nourishing your body with a smoothie or getting a nice pedicure. Looking glowing and polished is always a style winner.

25. Spend time finding good fitting jeans

Having a trusty pair of jeans is a fail-safe outfit win. You can dress jeans up as well as down and so finding a good pair is essential for your wardrobe. Remember to always do the Squat Test when jeans shopping – a good pair won’t reveal your butt and you’ll feel the stretch in them!

26. Check your lighting

Whether you’re trying outfits on in a store or at home, making sure you’re in flattering lighting will allow you to see how well an outfit really looks. Harsh fluorescent light is not advised for anyone of any size, so never judge your body under this kind of lighting. Lots of natural light is best for your clothes and make-up.

27. Get personalized style recommendations

At Insyze after taking out style quiz, we will match you with daily style recommendations of plus size clothing to add to either your collections or to shop.

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