For people of color and beauty lovers in general, Black-owned skincare brands provide a wide range of elevated products for face and body—from manuka honey cleansers and oil-regulating face masks to nourishing body oils and nearly invisible sunscreens—that are worthy of any medicine cabinet or countertop. It’s no secret that celebration and promotion of these trailblazing companies has been scarce within the beauty industry for years, but with recent uprisings and a closer examination of the racial relations that sparked globally during the pandemic, Black-owned beauty is finally getting its well-deserved time in the limelight.

Contrary to what some shoppers may believe, most Black-owned brands create beauty products that cater to everyonewith special emphasis placed on the cosmetic needs of Black and Brown people who have been underserved for years. While the beauty landscape is currently flooded with a slew of celebrity lines—stars like Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, Venus Williams, and others have launched thoughtful skincare brands that serve a greater purpose through their incorporation of clean ingredientswellness, and sustainability—there are under-the-radar brands to know too.

So to honor and support a few notable Black-owned skincare brands, we’ve rounded up a short list of beloved and up-and-coming companies, like Oui the People and AbsoluteJoi, which are leaving their mark on the beauty industry while enhancing our complexions. Here, 28 of the best Black-owned skincare products and tools to shop now and keep on your radar for all time.