The start of a new decade usually provides the perfect opportunity for travellers to switch up how they see the world and embrace new travel trends.

That was, until the Coronavirus pandemic hit.


In 2020, travel almost came to a complete standstill, with flights cancelled, hotels closing and rules on travel ‘corridors’ changing on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Last summer, the travel industry appeared more prosperous, as many countries permitted travel to visitors able to present a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificates and negative PCR and lateral flow tests. While some travellers seized the opportunity to travel abroad under the UK’s red, amber and green travel traffic light system, others put their travel plans on hold and began to embrace the idea of holidays in the UK; booking country cottages with a ‘bubble’, enjoying staycations on the coast or ‘glamping‘ under the stars.

Now that more than nine billion doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered, in at least 197 countries worldwide, according to the BBC, the travel industry is once again opening up. As a result, many of us are starting to get itchy feet and thinking of all of the possibilities now afforded to us as the pandemic’s threat reduces.

‘As we look towards the year ahead, we’re seeing a lot of excitement and anticipation for people to return to travel, whether it’s domestically, abroad, the trip of a lifetime or just saying yes to whatever travel opportunity comes their way,’ says Ryan Pearson, Regional Manager at

With a new year upon us, now is the perfect time to start thinking not only where but how we’d like to travel in 2022.

Here are our go-to list of 2022 travel trends, to fulfil all your wanderlust dreams in the New Year:

   1. Clocking Off

As lockdown restrictions forced many of us to pack up our belongings and set up offices and work stations at home, finding a work/life balance during the pandemic has been of paramount concern. And while ‘workcations’ became a popular travel trend during the health crisis, with many people swapping the stereotypical 9-to-5 office job for a month abroad with their laptop, this year is predicted to look a lot different. polled 24,055 travellers across 31 countries and territories, and found out that 49 per cent of participants claimed to have worked more hours and used less annual leave during the pandemic.

According to the travel company, 73 per cent of travellers said holidays will be strictly ‘work-free’ in the future. Better yet, a whopping 77 per cent of people noted that the simple pleasure of feeling the sun on their skin will improve their mood, and 21 per cent are looking forward to the scenery on their next trip.

2 .Spontaneous Travel

The thought of booking a last-minute trip abroad terrified many travellers last year, for fear of the pendulum-like swinging travel restrictions in countries across the world. But it appears that spontaneous travel might make a comeback in 2022.

According to THE OUT, a premium car rental company which can deliver a Land Rover to your door within three hours of booking, people are now booking more last-minute trips, with the average time between booking and travelling less than three days apart. What’s more, 20 per cent of all bookings are made within 24 hours.

As for the use of cars, last year found that more than half (53 per cent) of travellers wanted to travel but sustainably in future, and 69 per cent expected increased numbers of sustainable travel options from companies. With electric car sales on the increase and searches for staycations for 2022 up 74 per cent in 2021 compared to 2020, according to holiday website Host Unusual, we predict many people will be choosing to continue opting for domestic travel via eco forms of transport this year.

3.Holiday Romances

It’s safe to say the pandemic took a really bit hit on our dating lives, with Tinder dates involving awkward Victorian-esque walks in the park, instead of shots of tequila in a bustling bar. So it makes sense that 60 per cent of travellers are looking forward to meeting new people on their next trip, and an unsurprising 50 per cent are on the lookout for romance, according to

The thought of a holiday fling, plus the fact 19 per cent of travellers are most excited about the anticipation of their trip as they start their holiday, we expect 2022 to be the year of fun across the world for travel lovers.

Before you travel, check out our list of the best dating apps for 2022 to make sure you don’t miss a match abroad.

4.Vitamin Vacay

Whether it’s a bubble bath with Spotify playing sounds of Enya or a facial at one of London’s boujiest spas, self-care is an important part of taking care of your body and mind. And in 2022, travel will be a hugely popular form of self-care, with 79 per cent of travellers believing that it helps their mental and emotional wellbeing more than other forms of self-care. After almost two years of limited travel two thirds of people (66 per cent) told they didn’t realise how important travel was to their wellbeing until it wasn’t an option, and 84 per cent said that having a vacation planned has a positive impact on their emotional wellbeing.

For some, this might mean a spa retreat in Antigua, an immune-boosting mini-break in Portugal and a fitness holiday in Italy. According to the travel company a fifth (18 per cent) of people want to step outside of their comfort zone, 55 per cent want to try new cuisines and 35 per cent want to hear a new language. However you choose to relax, we only hope you invite us with you on the journey.

5.Tech Talk

Technology was a key element in the travel industry last year, with many people believing that was it crucial in help them learn about health risks while on the move and reassuring them that jet setting was safe. found that more than half (53 per cent) of travellers wanted tech options to make last-minute restaurant reservations and a fifth (21 per cent) hoped to use self-service machines instead of having face-to-face interactions with those working in the travel sector.

In 2022, technology looks as popular as ever for travellers, with 62 per cent of us thinking it helps alleviate travel anxiety, and 69 per cent admitting they’d be interested in a service that could predict which countries would be safe to travel to.

6.Care For The Community

Community became a big talking point during the pandemic. It wasn’t that long ago we’d take to our windows and balconies and clap for carers, or check in on our neighbours to make sure they had enough food for the week if they were isolating. We don’t want that care and compassion to go anywhere this year, and it seems neither do travellers. found that 58 per cent of travellers agree that it’s important that their trip benefits the local community of their destination, while 29 per cent vow to do more research into how their tourism spend will affect or improve local communities.

Additionally, 67 per cent told the company that they want the money that they spend when travelling to be fed back into the local community, while 68 per cent want to have authentic experiences that are representative of the local culture.

7.Carpe Diem


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to seize life’s opportunities when we can and savour every moment of it. So that might explain why more 72 per cent of us are going to say ‘yes’ to travel this year (budget allowing, of course), and 61 per cent of us admitting to being more open to various types of holidays, whether it’s a party mini break with friends or a solo yoga retreat. Whether you want to go to Taiwan, Brazil or the Dominican Republic, this is the year to just say ‘yes’.


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