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Looking for a place to stay while you’re exploring your new city? Hostelworld has you covered. With over 5,000 hostels in more than 120 countries, we have the perfect place for you to crash with friends or solo travelers alike. To help you find the cheapest and coolest hostels on Hostelworld, we’ve put together this list of tips. Check it out below and see which one fits your needs the best!

What is Hostelworld?

What is Hostelworld?

Hostelworld is a website where backpackers and budget travellers can find the cheapest and coolest hostels around. The website offers a search bar and list of hostels sorted by price, location, and star rating. Hostels are also grouped by type (e.g. dorms, doubles, triples), so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Hostelworld also has an interactive map with all the hostels in the selected area highlighted.

How does Hostelworld work?

When you first visit the website, you’ll be asked to enter your departure city and destination city. This will help Hostelworld determine which hostels are within reach of your travel plans. Next, you’ll be asked to choose your budget range (from cheap to expensive). This will help Hostelworld create a list of hostels that fit within your budget constraints.

Once you’ve chosen your preferences, it’s time to start searching for hostels! You can narrow down your search by selecting from the following options: type of hostel (e.g. dorms, doubles/triples), price range (cheap to expensive), location (nearby attractions or major cities), or star rating (one through five stars).
“What isHostelworld?” A comprehensive guide on everything related to this popular website for finding affordable accommodation around the world!

How does Hostelworld work?

Hostelworld is a website that allows travelers to search for and book hostels. Hostels can be found all over the world, making it the perfect place to find cheap and cool hostels. All you need to do is enter your dates of travel and select a city or region. You will then be able to see all the hostels available in that area and make reservations. The hostels on Hostelworld are also rated by users, so you can be sure you’re booking with an reputable hostel.

What are the different types of hostels on Hostelworld?

There are different types of hostels on Hostelworld.
The first type is the classic hostel which is a basic room with a shared bathroom and shower. These can be found for as little as $20 a night.
The second type of hostel is the backpacker hostel. This is like the classic hostel, but it usually has more private rooms and bathrooms, as well as more communal areas. They can be found for around $30 a night.
The third type of hostel is the luxury hostel which offers much nicer rooms and facilities than the other two types. They can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 a night.
The final type of hostel on Hostelworld are treehouses! TheseHostels offer unique accommodation in the form of treehouses that can either sleep up to six people or have space for up to ten people to relax in after exploring the area around them.

How much does it cost to stay in a hostel on Hostelworld?

How much does it cost to stay in a hostel on Hostelworld? If you’re looking for the cheapest option, then Hostelworld has you covered. With over 1,500 hostels worldwide, you’re sure to find a deal that’s right for you.

Hostels can range in price from $15 per night to over $100 per night. The price of a hostel will largely depend on its location and the quality of the facilities offered. Some popular hostels include Hostel World’s flagship property, The Bowery in New York City, which costs $48 per night, and Youth Hostel Amsterdam, which costs $38 per night.

When choosing a hostel, be sure to consider your budget and what type of accommodations you’re looking for. Some popular choices include dorms or private rooms with shared bathrooms and lockers. There are also many luxury hostels that offer more luxurious accommodations such as ensuite bathrooms and private rooms. When searching for a hostel online, be sure to read the reviews before making your decision.

Which countries are Hostelworld available in?

Hostelworld is available in a wide range of countries, and you can find the cheapest hostels on Hostelworld by checking the availability map. You can also use the filters on the left hand side of the homepage to find specific types of hostels (e.g. budget, gay-friendly, backpacker), or use the search bar at the top of the homepage.

If you’re looking for a hostel that’s close to a city centre, Hostelworld has plenty of options available in major European cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin and Paris. And if you’re looking for something more remote, Hostel World has a range of backcountry hostels available in places like New Zealand and Patagonia.


Hostelworld is a great resource for finding cheap and cool hostels all around the world. Whether you’re looking for something luxurious or simply want to find a place that won’t break the bank, Hostelworld has you covered. With prices starting at $11 per night, there is sure to be a hostel here that fits your budget. Plus, with over 190,000 reviews from guests, you can be sure that everyone who has stayed at this site is happy with their choice. So go ahead and book your next hostel trip today!

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