The fashion industry underwent a complete overhaul during the two years of Covid-19 lockdown and now, the way we dress has changed dramatically. Style experts assert that fashion that can be worn for multiple purposes is here to stay. Know all about the latest fashion and trends for spring 2022

If you have your fashion finger firmly placed around the sartorial pulse, you can vouch for the unexpected revivals, Y2K fashion, gender-fluid style and a refreshing body-positivity approach that is influencing the post-pandemic fashion choices as Covid-19 lockdowns lift across the globe after two years of the coronavirus pandemic. The fashion industry underwent a complete overhaul during these two years of Covid-19 lockdown and now, the way we dress has changed dramatically and style experts assert that fashion that can be worn for multiple purposes is here to stay.

This brings the latest fashion and trends for spring 2022 to spotlight. To learn more about spring and summer trends, we spoke with famous designers who provided us with in-depth information.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Bibhuti Dash, Founder and CEO of LOUOJ, admitted that fashion brands are under high pressure to reinvent themselves after the pandemic but many are inevitable to adapt digital fashion for the future of sustainable fashion since traditional fashion brands used to be hesitant in implementing new technologies. However, the pandemic has proved that there are plenty of business cases and are attracting new audiences from the digital clothing.

Trends for Spring 2022:

Talking about the digital fashion trend in spring 2022, Bibhuti Dash said, “Fashion brands are implementing consumer-centric strategy to see what customers really want. This disruptive and digitization of the fashion industry along with reshaping the existing business model could be the ultimate solution to meet the needs of fashion brands and consumers alike. The technology would create a bridge for online and retail settings creating a omnichannel experience. The application of 3D design, VR/AR and virtual tryouts has huge impact in digitizing the fashion industry.”

Another trend he highlighted is using AI and data analytics brands to predict demands and consumer trends precisely and then planning accordingly their product launches by scanning millions of data from social media. He said, “Powered with visual AI, NLP and personalized search engines, buyers can now upload the picture of the clothing from any source and find the most matching product from the brands website. Digital fashion is collaborative, and creative. It can be used for sampling, try-outs, and digital showcase as a means of minimizing waste caused by the fashion industry. These digital samples have decreased manufacturing cost and time eliminating any carbon footprint.”

Latest fashion for Spring 2022:

Pointing out that Spring is around the corner, bringing with it a plethora of blooms and fresh fashion trends, Meha Bhargava, Founder and CEO of Styl.Inc, highlighted that the runway for Spring/Summer 2022 was full of optimism and while the trends for 2021 showcased desperation for dressing up to do the most low-key tasks, 2022 adds practicality with fun back to dressing. For weddings and casual style, she listed some of the latest fashion trends that will dominate Spring 2022:

1. Pastel hues – Minimal and pastel colours are still a big yes when it comes to your big day outfits. The colour palette is definitely here to stay.

2. Deeper necklines – Millennial brides want cleaner looks for their big and avoid mess by opting for deeper necklines so the jewellery can pop out on the big day.

3. Cleaner designs – Lehengas that have cleaner and more distinguished designs are surely a big yes for this season.

4. Micro-mini skirts – If you thought that hemlines cannot get higher, think again. Miuccia Prada with a groundbreaking Miu Miu show brought back micro-mini skirts in a jiffy. The skirts in her collection were so delectable that you feel compelled to take a pair of shears to your skirts.

5. Minimalist luxury – On the other end of the axis exist the far quieter minimalist luxury designs. The rise in terms of interesting, ultra-luxe but wearable wardrobe staples. We are not talking about the boring basic tees though.

6. Platform shoes – If you have been a wearer of heels for a while, you know that platforms are the key to less pain. Lucky for all feet out there, platforms are present on every kind of shoe this season. They are THE thing to look out for.

Apart from these, stylists and experts insist that on any given day, a functional and versatile closet is preferable while relaxed silhouettes and airy loungewear are expected to be popular again this season. By styling that one essential piece in a variety of ways, you can blur the borders between casual and formal attire as according to experts, fashion has evolved to the point where it recognises that customising a silhouette is not limited to a specific demographic since shirts can be worn by both men and women and shorts, skirts and shirts for both men and women are on our want list.


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