Monica Vinader : Handcrafted jewellery for women.100% Recycled Gold & Silver

When you think of sustainable products, you might think of environmentally-friendly items like home goods or products made from recycled materials. But what about jewellery? Monica Vinader is a jeweller who makes handcrafted jewellery using only 100% recycled gold and silver. And not only is her jewellery sustainable, but it’s also stylish and unique. If you’re looking for something special to add to your wardrobe, check out Monica Vinader’s creations. You’ll be glad you did.

Monica Vinader is a jewellery brand that focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable practices. From the materials used to the way the jewellery is made, everything about Monica Vinader is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes Monica Vinader’s jewellery so special and how you can get your hands on some of it. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or you want to make your own statement, Monica Vinader has something for you.

Monica Vinader’s Story

Monica Vinader is a jewellery designer who uses recycled gold and silver in her creations. Gold and silver are both valuable metals, but they are also environmentally damaging.

Monica Vinader began designing jewellery in 2006, when she was inspired to create pieces that were not only beautiful but also sustainable. Her aim is to use recycled gold and silver in her pieces, so that she can help reduce the environmental impact of jewellery manufacturing.

Monica Vinader’s recycled gold and silver jewellery is popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is sustainable – meaning that the materials used to make it cannot be wasted or damaged. Secondly, it is beautiful – regardless of whether or not the gold or silver has been recycled previously. And finally, it is affordable – thanks to the use of recycled materials.

To learn more about Monica Vinader’s work, visit her website or follow her on social media channels.

How Monica Vinader Started Making Jewellery

Monica Vinader is a jewellery designer and artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She creates handcrafted pieces using recycled gold and silver, with a focus on sustainable practices. Vinader’s designs are influenced by her Mediterranean heritage and her passion for art and design.

Vinader began her jewellery career in 2012, working as an apprentice to jeweler Elisabeth Zeuner. In 2013, she launched her own line of handmade pieces under the name Monica Vinader. Her jewelry is inspired by her Mediterranean heritage and features recycled gold and silver materials, as well as natural stones and gemstones.

Vinader has helped promote sustainable practices within the jewellery industry through her work with the Responsible Jewellery Council. She has also participated in events such as the London Design Festival and Paris Fashion Week, demonstrating her fashion-forward jewellery designs to a global audience.

The Different Types of Jewellery Monica Vinader Makes

Jewellery is one of the most important and intimate pieces of personal adornment that a woman can own. Monica Vinader’s jewellery is handmade with recycled gold and silver, creating beautiful and durable pieces that are true representations of individuality.

One of the most popular types of Monica Vinader jewellery is the pendant. These delicate pieces hang from delicate chains or cords, often featuring semi-precious stones or other small objects to add additional detail and beauty. Pendants can be worn as standalone jewellery, or as part of an intricate necklace or bracelet ensemble.

Another popular type of Monica Vinader jewellery is the ring. Rings are versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood and outfit. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they’re perfect for any woman’s hand. Some rings also feature semi-precious stones or other embellishments, lending added dimension and sparkle to your look.

No matter what style you’re looking for in jewellery, Monica Vinader has something perfect for you! Her collections include delicate earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more – all made with natural materials like recycled gold and silver to give you eco-friendly options as well as exquisite quality. Shop now for beautiful pieces that will make a statement you’ll love!

The Materials Used in Monica Vinader’s Jewellery

Jewellery designer Monica Vinader creates pieces with a modern, minimalist aesthetic – using only the highest quality materials. Her pieces are made from recycled gold and silver, and often feature natural stones or pearls.

Vinader began her jewellery career in 2006, founding her eponymous label in New York City. Her pieces have been featured in publications such as Vogue and Elle, and she has received numerous awards, including an IMPACT award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

If you’re looking for elegant jewellery that’s made with care and attention to detail, then you should definitely check out Monica Vinader’s collection. Her pieces are sure to make a statement on any woman’s wrist – whether she’s dressing up for a special occasion or just going about her day-to-day life.

The Process of Making Monica Vinader’s Jewellery

Monica Vinader is a jewellery designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She creates unique and sustainable pieces from recycled gold and silver, using traditional techniques and materials.

The process of making Monica Vinader’s jewellery starts with sourcing the highest quality materials. She often works with recycled gold or silver that has been damaged or worn down. This allows her to create pieces that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Next, Monica Vinader designs each piece herself. She takes into account the individual needs of her customers, creating pieces that are versatile and comfortable to wear. Her aim is to create jewellery that can be easily dressed up or down, perfect for any occasion.

Monica Vinader’s jewellery is sold online and in select boutiques around the world. She is always working on new designs, so be sure to check out her website for updates!


At Monica Vinader, we love handcrafted jewellery made from recycled gold and silver. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it also gives our pieces a unique character that can never be replicated with traditional materials. We love the idea of being a part of the process that helps to preserve precious metals for future generations, so you can be sure that everything we make is special. Visit Monica Vinader today and see why our beautiful pieces are coveted by women all over the world.

When it comes to jewellery, there are a great many options available to women. Some pieces are made with traditional materials such as gold and silver, while others are fashioned out of more modern materials like plastic. But what about those who want something a little bit different? Something that is handcrafted and unique? Something that has been recycled? Monica Vinader offers just that: handcrafted jewellery made from 100% recycled gold and silver. If you’re looking for something special, then you owe it to yourself to check out Monica Vinader’scollection. You won’t be disappointed!

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