Despite our love for Android at times we do fancy the likes of iOS and wonder if we could get the feel of it without changing our phones. There have been rumors and claims that speak of the possibility of installing iOS on Android. One must understand that the two OS are different and have been created under various securities. Thus it is not actually possible to install iOS on Android. So, you actually have to install iOS launcher on Android tablet or phone to experience an iOS screen. An iOS launcher can give you a great experience of iOS on your Android phone.

Whilst there are many iOS launchers available, some of them don’t quite work in the best way. Here are some iOS launchers that will work for your Android phone.

Method 1- Installing Launchers
Launcher iOS 13

Launcher iPhone
This launcher gives you the screen look of iOS when you install and launch it on your Android phone. The swipe down display notification is exactly like iPhone X. Your phone works glitch-free and doesn’t slow down your Android phone.

XOS Launcher

The launcher has been updated just recently in 2020 and has all the functions of the latest iOS. XOS is a highly customizable launcher that is both smart and gives a beautiful look. There are beautiful fonts, themes and wallpapers and many more cool functions. It works perfectly with all Android phones. This is a great launcher to use if you wish to experience the beauty of iOS on your phone.

OS Launcher 12
This iOS launcher gives a super cool effect to your Android phone. The icon scrolling effects of the phone makes your phone interesting to use. The quick scrolling effect in alphabetical order makes it easy for you to use the phone. The app is very light and doesn’t occupy much space on your phone. Download it to enjoy an iOS screen on your phone.

Method 2 – Dual Boot iOS On Android
Some time back, a team of developers had found a way to get iOS on Android without rooting the phone. However, like a launcher, you just get the screen of an iOS. This method will give you iOS on Android phone with versions 4.0 and above along with 1 GB free space in your phone. The method was known as dual boot iOS on Android. Here is what you can do.

Go to

Scroll down and tap on ‘Dual-Boot iOS’ button

Wait for the iOS 8 to install on your Android phone

Once done you will have an iOS 8 screen

Since this method is an old one, it is not sure whether it would work with the latest Android 9.0 or Android 10.0 version. Also, the developers say that some installed apps may force close but most system apps would function without any issues.

An iOS launcher for an Android phone is the best way to preserve the functions of your Android and get the feel of an iOS. Avoid rooting your phone or any other software that claim to give you an iOS screen. They may interfere with the working of your phone and cause problems later on.

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